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Jumbo crab suppliers sell crab meat in large chunks categorized as jumbo lump grade. In this article, we are going to share to you several information regarding crab meat specifically jumbo lump from the crab meat grades which often being found in most of supermarkets either as fresh crab meat, frozen crab meat, and pasteurized crab meat. Try to read the information so you know what you want to buy, what you will get, and make sure you get high quality crab meat. More detailed information below.
What is jumbo crab meat?
To make it simply, the jumbo lump crab meat is basically consists of white meat body crab that taken from two largest lumps of the unbroken muscle which connected to the swimming crab legs. The jumbo lump is priced for its large size of meat and white bright color with flavorful taste. The jumbo lump is recommended for recipe such as crab cocktail or in sauté or in other words, the jumbo lump of crab meat is ideal for recipe that focusing on the appearance and thus the meat should not be broken into pieces because what makes the jumbo lump appealing is the large size of the white meat.
To make you easy to understand about what is jumbo lump crab meat then it is like the breast part in the chicken which consists of large size of crab meat. Some people is also considerate it to be the best part of the crab.
What is the different between: jumbo lump crab meat vs regular lump crab meat vs colossal lump crab meat
When you buy jumbo crab from jumbo crab suppliers, you will likely found different variety of lump chunks. There are jumbo lump crab meat, regular lump crab meat, and colossal lump crab meat. These are some explanation about the difference:
1.      The jumbo lump crab meat
It is selected from two largest lumps of the unbroken muscle which connected to the swimming legs of crab with large size of white meat. It has nice appearance and perfect for recipes where the crab meat is the main ingredient which going to be the star of the dish rather than side ingredient.
2.      Regular lump crab meat
Just like its name implies, the regular crab meat is also consists of large chunks of crab meat. However, the meats consist of smaller pieces of jumbo lump crab but it is not the jumbo lump itself. The regular lump crab meat has a bit smaller size than the jumbo one, but people who buy from trusted jumbo crab suppliers sometime mistaken it as the jumbo lump.
3.      Colossal lump crab meat
If you think that jumbo lump is not big enough for your dish then you can try to use colossal lump crab meat instead. What is colossal lump of crab meat? It consists of larger lump crab meat compared than the jumbo lump. Although you may need to spend more money to buy it since the price is more expensive than the jumbo and regular lump. You can say it is the highest grade of crab meats.
Please read the label before you plan to buy lump crab meat because with many different varieties of lump crab meat in large chunks, you may end up getting the wrong meat. As for the premium jumbo lump, you need to make sure that it consists of white meat that taken from the main body of the crab with no shell or cartilage.
Pay attention on the price as well, the jumbo lump crab meat is cheaper than the colossal one but more expensive than regular lump crab meat. Jumbo lump also more expensive compared with other lower grades such as special, back fin, and claw crab meats.
How to buy jumbo lump from jumbo crab suppliers?
Below are some guides which you can follow when you try to look for jumbo lump from cheap jumbo crab suppliers:
1.      Pay attention to the grades of crab meat
Besides jumbo lump crab meat, jumbo crab suppliers usually have other grades of crab meat including regular lump, colossal lump, back fin, special, and claw crab meat. Please remember to tell the supplier the detail of your order and if you want to buy jumbo lump then ask precisely about it so the supplier does not give you the wrong grade of crab meat.
2.      Ask for discounted price if possible
Ask for discounted price if it is possible especially when you place a bulk order for fresh or frozen jumbo crab suppliers. It is a way to get cheaper price of jumbo lump since it priced a bit high compared with other lower grades like back fin or special. You can also find some coupons to get discount for the price you will pay.
3.      Get fresh if it is possible as well
Fresh jumbo crab is always become superior crab meat product compared with frozen crab meat or pasteurized one. However, you should use it at once because it spoils quickly unlike the frozen crab meat or pasteurized crab meat. But, if you cannot have an access to get your hands of some freshest jumbo lump then go frozen. Frozen crab meat in lump is nice alternative for fresh crab meat. The last alternative is pasteurized jumbo lump which sold by canned jumbo lump suppliers.
What is pasteurized jumbo lump? It is lump crab meat that going through pasteurization process which kill all the bacteria that can make the crab meat rotten quickly. With pasteurization process, the crab meat is free from bacteria and it also has longer shelf life than fresh and frozen unpasteurized meat. It can last for 6 to 12 months unopened. Once you open the can, you should use it quickly within 2 to 3 days.
Do not forget to ask jumbo crab suppliers about their sustainability and where they source the crab. Furthermore, since the jumbo lump of crab meat can be selected from any crab species, you need to find out what species the supplier have before place an order.

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