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Back Fin Crab Meat Supplier

Back fin crab meat supplier offers high quality of back fin crab meat consists of loose and separated meat taken from combination of special crab meat and jumbo lump crab meat grades. It has sweet and flavorful taste with fine texture ready to be used for crab cakes recipe or any other dishes. It has broken pieces of the lump meat plus smaller pieces of white body meat which very ideal for any kinds of recipes just like any other crab meats. Although, back fin is best to be used in soups, dips, and very ideals for crab cakes and you can even use this meat to stuff seafood and vegetables.
Purchase from back fin crab meat supplier
Learn how to purchase crab meat from trusted back fin crab meat supplier here. In the market, there are varieties of crab meat available from colossal and jumbo lump, back fin, special, and crab claw meat. These particular crab meats used as economical alternative for a whole crab which usually sold in more expensive price. The less expensive back fin is even cheaper than colossal and jumbo lump thus it is great for you who want to eat crab meat but does not have that much budget in your pocket.
Back fin crab meat is popular grades used in US market when people want to buy some crab meat. The back fin can be sold in fresh, frozen, and pasteurized products.

Here is several back fin varieties products which you can find in most of supermarkets or grocery stores:
1.      Fresh back fin crab meat
Fresh back fin crab meat supplier offers fresh crab meat steamed or boiled but unpasteurized. This kind of crab meat packed in air vacuum plastic bag and unlike pasteurized crab meat, they are not ready to be consumed. Fresh back fin crab meat can also refer to the freshest crab meat taken from fresh and alive crab. When you can get the freshest back fin meat then you need to use them quickly because it has short shelf life. What to look for when buying fresh back fin crab meat:
-          The smell should be fresh and not stink
-          No discoloration on the appearance
-          The plastic package not damaged such as crushed or torn
2.      Frozen back fin crab meat
Frozen back fin crab meat supplier is also offer crab meat stored in the freezer with set of special temperature to lock the freshness until months. The crab meat after being cleaned and cuts are speed frozen in the freezer. They are packed inside plastic bag and cans. The frozen crab meat is unpasteurized but it has longer shelf life than fresh back fin crab meat. Unopened frozen back fin can stay for 3 months and more if stored inside refrigerator.
3.      Pasteurized back fin crab meat
The next back fin product is the pasteurized back fin crab meat product. Pasteurized product usually used in canning process to make canned back fin crab meat. Although they are also plastic packaging back fin crab meat as well as back fin crab meat in the glass jar. With pasteurization process, the crab meat is one hundred percent free from harmful bacteria which can make the crab meat spoil or rotten quickly. In addition, the pasteurized crab meat back fin has longer shelf life than fresh and frozen unpasteurized back fin crab meat. It can last for 6 to 12 months unopened.
Which back fin crab meat to buy from back fin crab meat suppliers?
Which one is best to buy from the back fin crab meat supplier? Well, it depends on the situations. First, if you want to buy cheapest back fin product then buy canned. Back fin in cans averagely have cheaper price than both fresh and frozen crab meat. They are can be found easily too in the supermarkets. More importantly, pasteurized back fin crab meat is ready to eat and thus it can cut cooking time. In conclusion, if you want to have cheap but healthy seafood plus simple dish no need to cook anymore then buy canned back fin crab meat.

The case will be different if you want to make tasteful crab meat dish, because nothing can go against the flavor of fresh crab meat. It has superior texture and flavor compared with canned pasteurized back fin crab meat and frozen crab meat. Even though it has expensive price, but if you want to make dish that focused on the great crab meat flavor plus good looking appearance then you can buy fresh back fin crab meat.
Meanwhile, frozen back fin is nice alternative if you cannot get fresh back fin. It can be as good as fresh back fin crab meat as long as you know how to handle and store them properly. Frozen back fin can also last longer than fresh back fin crab meat. Unlike fresh back fin, you do not need to cook or use them immediately in the day when you buy it.
Try to look for trusted and reliable back fin crab meat dealers?
Purchase your back fin crab meat today either in back fin crab meat supplier online or offline. If you want to look for cheap and trusted back fin crab meat dealers locally or exporter then here are few things you can do:
-          You need to decide what kind of crab meat species you want to buy. Popular crab species for back fin such as blue crab, red crab, mud crab, etc. Ask the supplier about what species they have because each species offer different texture and flavor.
-          You also need to ensure their sustainability when harvesting the crabs.
-          Look for cheap dealers by comparing each price of the back fin crab meat among suppliers.
-          Ask whether the suppliers have product variant that you want by sending buyer’s quotes.
-          Ask for discounted price if you want to bulk order. You can find discount coupons as well.
If you are looking for back fin crab meat supplier then you can also buy from exporters from Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and many more.

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