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Crab vs Lobster

Let’s learn the difference of crab vs lobster from many aspects. Both crab and lobster is the top two most popular sea foods in the world which are important commodities in the fishing industry. They are valued as luxury dishes with appealing appearance and delicious flavor, not to mention they are also priced in such high prices. The crab and lobster are consumed by many people globally and they are essential aquaculture assets in many countries.
What is the different: crab vs lobster?
Crab vs lobster difference can be spotted easily from their appearance. They both classified as crustacean animals, however the lobster is large size of crustaceans which belong to the family Nephropidae and Homaridae, meanwhile the crab is categorized as decapod crustaceans that belong to the infraorder of Brachyura. Now, let’s learn several difference between these two amazing sea animals seen from many aspects such as:
1.      The types of crab and lobster
Most common and popular types of crab is the King Crabs which can be found easily in the market, they are sold in fresh and frozen plus soft shell one. Other variety of crabs found in the restaurant menu including red and blue king crabs, golden king crab, and snow crab. Meanwhile, lobster is varied with one example of species such as American lobster or Audresselles and there is also royal blue lobster which is a bit rare.
2.      The flavor of crab and lobster
You need to admit that both crab vs lobster flavor is wonderful, they are excellent type of dish when you want to eat something tasty. However, these two crustaceans have different taste depending on each type of crab and lobster. But averagely, crab has mild sweet to a briny sea flavor while lobster is not as sweet as them plus they are also a bit harder. The legs part of the crab is considered to be the most delicious and so does the lobster. The claws and legs of lobster are full of meat and they have tender texture with delicious taste.
3.      The price of crab and lobster
We also need to compare crab vs lobster prices since these two species are important commodities for seafood industry. They are also considered as luxury menu in many high star hotels and restaurants meaning that they are priced quite expensive. Crab as commercial product is priced depending on their size and species. For example, small size of crab can be sold around $3 while the jumbo one can be priced for about $20 to $30. As for the lobster, they are considered to be more expensive compared with most of the seafood in the world including crabs. Of course their prices might vary depending on the size and types as well, but lobster can cost around $10 to $6 which is mean that if you buy 5 pound of lobster, then you may need to pay for $50 at once.
4.      Nutritional values of crab and lobster
The crab and lobster is considered to have many healthy nutrients just like any other seafood species. They contain high quality of omega-3 fatty acids which is useful to lower the risk of heart diseases. Moreover, they are also packed with vitamins, minerals, and protein. However, beware of their cholesterol level since they are considered to have quite large amounts of cholesterol and thus you still need to limit the consumption.
5.      Appearance of crab and lobster
Just we like already mentioned above that the crab vs lobster appearance can be differentiate easily because they have different anatomy that is why. Although both of them have exoskeleton, however the crabs have thicker exoskeleton with a pair of claws while the lobsters have less weight of exoskeleton but they are also strong. The crab is move sidewalk since they have articulation of legs while lobsters are usually moves slowly and they can swim backward with uncurling plus curling movement of their abdomen.
6.      Social interaction of crab and lobster
Lobster is a loner type while the crab is an aggressive type that likes to communicate with their pincers. They are also like to fight against each other to get mating with the female crabs. Crabs like to fight for territory such as to get caves or hiding holes. The crabs are work together in order to provide protection and foods for their family. While the lobster is like an individual that can love in very long time and even they are considered to be immortal meaning that they are not die due to aging. Even they are become stronger and more fertile when get older. The lobster will die when they are catch diseases, injured, or being caught.
7.      The habitat of crab and lobster
We can find both the crab and lobster habitat in sea waters; however you can also find the crabs live in freshwater all around the world. Lobster prefers sandy mud bottom in the ocean or sea waters. The crabs can live on the land or in the water and they are varied in size. One of the largest crab sizes is the Japanese crab which can grow about 4 meter leg span. Lobster also varied in size with the largest lobster ever caught weighed around 20.15 kg.
8.      Eating habits of crab and lobster
Both crab and lobster are omnivorous which means they feed on both plants and smaller animals. The crab feed on bacteria, algae, fungi, mollusk, and other smaller size of crustaceans while the lobster likes to eat plant, other smaller fishes, and worms. However, lobsters are sometime also like to act cannibalism by eating other lobsters.
That’s several information regarding the difference between crab vs lobster seen from many aspects. If you like to understand crab and lobster better then you can try to find for fresh and live crabs and lobsters, see them yourself and check their anatomies or characteristics. However, so far we know that both of the animals are wonderful crustaceans which important in seafood and aquaculture industry. No wonder that many people like to sell them as export and import commodities transaction.

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